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Moving to WordPress

I have finally made the move from my Live Spaces blog to WordPress. Live space has almost no blog editor support on Mac. And using Live Writer via Parallels was not efficient either. Flock browser did help but it was no fun. It was not the same as writing a blog using the Live Writer.

In order to move my blog from Live Spaces, I used the Live Space Mover python script. It is mentioned on the WordPress site as well and did a quite nice job of moving my posts to WordPress.

WordPress has its own idiosyncrasies to deal with. Although Live Space Mover did a nice job of moving text and images, it couldn’t export all the video links, which I had shown from various sites like YouTube and Ted. WordPress has a simple syntax for embedding videos. E.g., to embed TED video in your WordPress blog all you have to do is type in square brackets.

ted id=http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/319


ted id=319

Interestingly, the same holds for YouTube videos.

youtube id=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpOWh97I9tQ

Pretty nice.
I am using Blogo to edit my new posts and also for recategorizing and retagging my archived posts. It has a nice feature called Bookmarklet which allows one to post anything permissible on some web page to your blog directly, by pressing the Bookmarklet button which you can install on the toolbar of FireFox or Safari.

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